06 Jul 2011

Lotto dreams in Tinley Park (and thoughtful, less than materialistic ways to spend it or not spend it)

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That’s right. $29.5 MILLION. I’m less than half a mile from the Speedway at 183rd and Harlem, where the winning ticket was sold. I’ve purchased quite a few lotto tickets from that same Speedway. Ouch. And that’s just the regular ol’ lottery, not the Mega Millions. It’s been growing since January.

So, it’s time for a little middle of the day…dreaming.

All I really want is freedom.
Freedom from stress.
Freedom from pressure.
Freedom from deadlines.
Freedom from bills.
Freedom from working 16 hour days.
Freedom to take a little road trip (or day trip).
I’d enjoy continuing on doing the same work I currently do (if you haven’t already noticed – that would be building websites for small business clients). And, I would only do work for small businesses, which, to me, is the most rewarding. I would free myself from the chains of freelancing for huge companies building websites for their clients.

I’m a simple guy.
I’m fine with the 7-year old truck that I have.
I’m fine with 2 bedrooms.
I love my wife.
I love my family.
I love my dogs.
I like to stare at the sky.
I like to just stare.

At 31, what do I really want. I want to spend time with my family and friends. That’s the most fun I have. I love to suit up and play hockey a couple of times a week (if time permits). Walking the dogs around the neighborhood or park is nice and relaxing. I just love to play.

Maybe I’d move into a similar sized house that sits on a considerably larger plot of land.

The rest of it? Save it.
Save it for my kids college (or whatever else it is they want to do with their life).
Save it for when I need it.
Save it for when someone I know needs it.
Grow my business and hire more people. People need jobs. Wish I could do that now.
Donate my time to charitable organizations. It’s really hard to trust some organizations. At least I can see where my time is going.
Maybe create my own charitable organization (for kids or helping people learn new, useful skills).

If I think of more, I’ll post them up. Otherwise, I’d love to hear yours. You can comment below.

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