Below you’ll find testimonials from our happy clients. We couldn’t do a great job without their inspiration.

The best part about working with Emil is, well…everything about working with Emil! His laid back attitude made me feel comfortable when discussing my ideas and goals for the site. He never delivered late. He listened to what I wanted, and then, get this, he provided it! In a world where designers have a holier than thou attitude and can do no wrong, Emil is a digital saint. I recommend him to anyone and everyone looking to set up a website that functions, looks snazzy and fits within your budget.

~ Leah Pogliano, HolyCrapItsLeah.com

…Thanks again for all of your hard work on WhereThereIsWill.com – it’s really, really cool. I’m enjoying sending this bad boy out and, hopefully, it helps me get a foot in the door…

~ Will Flanagan, WhereThereIsWill.com